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Personal Training with Johnny

Keeping it Playful


 I like to keep training playful.  In any of our sessions, we are going to train hard, but we are also going to have fun, be a little silly, and talk about the day — all while progressing.  Variety is key when training, however, each of my client’s programs are unique,  sculpted towards personal goals and the areas I think need attention. During our session,  we will set an intention for the hour and throughout our time together, I will explain why we are doing an exercise and the specific muscles the movement targets.

Remember, Let’s Keep It Playful:  I’m an emasculine kind of a guy doing a very masculine thing. We might listen to Broadway tunes while we train, pretend we’re animals for a second or two to flush the stress out for the day, or dance…just because…let’ have some fun.

Here is What a Session Might Look Like:

    •  5 Minute  Body Scan:  How you are feeling?; Hydration levels?; Soreness?; Anything I should know about? Did you get your wellness on today?
    • 5-10 Minute Warm-Up:  Cardio with Self-Myofascial-release (SMR) (foam roller)
    • 35 Minute Strength Training Session: Muscle Endurance and Stabilization, Hypertrophy or Strength Training; and Cardio integrated into the training session
    • 7 Minute Cool Down
    • 5-10 Minute Deep Stretching Facilitated by Johnny
    • 7 Minute Recap: Review of Workout; Food and Nutrition Talk; Integrating Wellness into Your Day; and Next Session Planning

Where Do We Train? 

We train where you want to train, and we have many options.  If there is a gym in your apartment or condo, and you want to train there, we will train there.  If not, there is a gym in Soho where the majority of our sessions can occur. I also like to take clients to any of our wonderful parks in NYC, like East River Park, where we can perform a variety of plyometric exercises while enjoying the great outdoors!

How Do I Contact Johnny?

Send me an email – – with your phone number and let’s start talking.

Training in Action





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