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The Facts:

IMG_8074Be Your True Self. Embrace the Bitter:

It’s time to realize your true self by embracing the bitter.  What does this mean? Achieving health can be a bitter task.  Exercise can be no fun.  Eating a plant based diet can seem boring.  Taking 30-60 minutes a day for your health might seem impossible.

My job is to help you progress towards health. I will help you to see that taking 30-60 minutes a day for yourself and eating a plant-based diet will be a game changer. Your mental clarity will sharpen, ability to focus will endure, and energy levels will soar throughout each day.

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Personal Training


What I Can Help You To Achieve:

    • You’ll look and feel healthier
    • Increased metabolism
    • Improved mood
    • More energy
    • Deeper sleep
    • Improved cardiovascular health, mental cognition, bone density,
    • Better looking skin
    • Much more

Transforming Your Health

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Did you take TIME for yourself today?


Personal Training

    • Do you get up from your desk every hour?
    • Stretch?
    • Did you know you should be drinking 10-13 glasses of water?
    • Take lunch?

The Cook in All of Us









  • Is your diet plant based?
  • When you dine, is it healthy?
  • Want to learn how to cook?